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Asalam alaikum,my name is su3udiya.i dont make it a point to watch television but lately i have noticed when i do watch television(am 20 but i enjoy watching cartoons mostly and one soap,just started) i notice a change in myself and my imaan.i feel like my my heart is bleeding.i feel like am there but am a zombie,this happens ussualy after i watch,n when i wake up in the morning.i feel very lazy,i dont feel like breathing,i feel depressed.i imagine as if my imaan is being tortured in a dungeon sumthere.i experience emotional inbalance.i feel like i was near to Allah and he was near my reach but wen i watch i feel like am falling from the so excessesively anxious.i feel like crying for no reason cause i feel so useless.i react differently with my mother,she keeps yellin at me nowadays cause she feels am intentionaly hurting her by not listenin while i did before.i am just not my question is? Is television haraam? I mean cartoons and soaps,with no sex scenes?i stopped watching tv now thou,i feel it affects me alot.

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that's what the topic says Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, answering the question: Is it permissible to fasting watch TV?

"Television - a medium through which you can achieve both positive and negative results. Such tools are always evaluated in accordance with its objectives, intentions. Television, like radio or the press contains both fine and indecent.

A Muslim should benefit from the beautiful and avoid improper at any time (the case of Ramadan) ... I can not say that watching television information is absolutely allowed or completely denied. It all depends on what to watch. If useful, such as religious programs, news, or transfer, orienting to positive and so, naturally, is allowed. And if bad, then it is not allowed to watch at any time, but especially in Ramadan. "

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I know what exactly what you mean it happens to me I used to watch tv for hours and tv influenced me too much and I became a very bad Muslim (other factors contributed to this too), I stopped watching as much TV and drastic changes have taken place I'm enjoying life more and feel closer to allah. TV influences you, every program influences you, you see small haram things on tv, then you begin to see that as the normal. I personally now only watch abit of TV and mostly news which seems pretty sad but it gives you knowledge of world events so you do become more clever, and only watch movies if the whole family is, and me stopping watching tv has helped so much, and have to say changed my life (many other factors contributed too) so its not haram only when you see haram and waste too much time, and the rest of the tv that looks halal be careful I guarantee it is influencing you even cartoons as they make the haram the normal for you and then you think about it too much and can't concentrate in prayer, stop watching as much for few weeks and you will see the change, spend the time with family especially your mum as she can choose to send you to hell or heaven. I will make dua to Allah to help you and inshallah everything goes well for you.

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