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I have heard that when Prophet Muhammad SAW went to Skies on the night of Miraj, he saw few women being punished, on his question about who were these girls, Angel Jibrael told him that they are the women who used to keep their hairs on their chest, I believe this is right but can someone please give me the source from where I can get this to inform my other colleagues, Thanks

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need a good explanation... important thnk

(May 28 '12 at 11:59) ahlussunnah ahlussunnah's gravatar image

I have read about women being punished for not covering their hair. Is this what you mean?

Then I came upon a group of women who were suspended by their hair. I asked who they were and Malik said, ‘These are the women who concealed not their hair and faces from unrelated menfolk and who revealed their beauty to men other than their husbands and caused their husbands pain and chagrin.’

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@cocolia42, no, I meant dropping your hairs on the chest,

(Jul 09 '12 at 11:38) Maaz uddin Maaz%20uddin's gravatar image
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