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Assalamu Alaikum, I'm doing a small business, I'm cnfused that how can I calculate the profit? is there any percentage in Islam to have our profit? or any percentage is accepted?

please explain

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Was asked Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen rahimuhu Allaah: "Is there some sort of Sharia border, which would be limited to trading profits, and it would put at third, or the other? Indeed, I've heard some people that limit her third, and prove the fact that the operation of trade based on mutual prosperity of the parties, and they chose a third, that all were happy, we hope to hear from you an explanation, and detailed clarifications.

Answer: Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Peace and mercy to His Prophet Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets, his family and his righteous companions and all those who followed them in good until the Day of Judgment.

Profits earned by the seller, is not limited to Sharia, neither the Qur'an nor the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, peace and mercy of Allah, nor in the ijma 'of people of knowledge, and we do not know to who or restrict it ..! (Then referred to the question, Sheikh خيار الغبن and the word of some jurists in this, then said that this is not Delilah, and we will not transfer because it is a separate issue that needs to be ob'yasnyat)

And in any case, we say, truly, there is no border for profit, because of the generality of the words of Allah: "And Allah has permitted trade", and the generality of His words: ".. except it will be a trade, you are both happy," and when the buyer is satisfied with the price, and bought for her, it is permissible price, even if the seller's profit in it big. O Allah, but to be a buyer of those who do not know the price, uninformed about prices and values, and then the seller can not deceive him, and sell him more than the market price, and not, as some people who are not afraid of Allah and show no mercy to the creatures. If buying from such a child, or woman, or ignorant in the prices, they sell it at a very high price, and if they bought the one who knows the price, and he knows this, knows how to buy, they sell it for a much lower price.

So we say in response: indeed, the profit is not limited to Shariah, and the seller are allowed to make profits as much as he wants, because the generality of the two noble verses: "And Allah has permitted trade", and ".. except it will be a trade, you Both are happy. " And also because the increasing and decreasing prices are subject to supply and demand, and can be a strong demand for what is a commodity and its price rises and demand may be weak, and it is omitted. And we know that people can buy what that thing for 100, and then suddenly rise up price and sell it the next day, or through a long period of time, have a 200 or 300 or more.

Yes, the one who monopolizes that either of the property and will not sell it, except as he pleases, the power holder has the right to intrude in his affairs, and force him to sell as it does not harm either to himself, and not harm to people, anyway, whether this monopoly is one of the people, or some sort of group that does not work with this thing other than how they monopolize it, and indeed, necessary in this case, the holder of the power to force them to sell at a profit, which does not harm them or or others.

As to whether it is in general, and the thing is everywhere, and not monopolized by no one, then indeed, there is no problem to take profits as you want, except if it is preying on the ignorant person who does not know the price, and this is haram the seller to do on its profits more than people make a profit on this product »

See "Fataua nur ala al-Darb" Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen, Volume 1 of "Trade"

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Thanks, may Allah bless you...

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