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Is circumcision stated in Islam?

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There is two types of circumcision the first one is the one for the men and it is obligatory for them and how it is done is that the it must be cut of completely the bit that is hanging down which is a bit of skin, there is hadith which says, Yahya related to me from Malik from Said ibn Abi Said al-Maqburi from his father that Abu Hurayra said, "There are five things from the fitra: cutting the nails, trimming the moustache, removing the hair from the armpit, shaving the pubic region and circumcision." Malik :: Book 49 : Hadith 49.3.3

and the second one is for the women and it is sunah and how it is done is that you make it bleed only and you are not allow to cut it and if it is cut of it is called mutilation which is not from Islam and it is not allowed, and there are hadiths that tells us how to do it and also tells us not to cut it but just make it bleed because there is a bit of blood in it that needs to be released out from it for a health reason and there is also hadith which says do not cut it off because it is good for the woman and man, meaning woman have got most of their feelings there and they enjoy it in bed, so is good for both.

So for woman in Islam there is no circumcision but it is sunah to let the blood inside it out but they don't have to do it, but for men it has to be removed completely

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