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OK, we know that, 5 pillars of islam is, shahadah, 5 times prayers, zakat, fasting n hajj. when talk about fasting, of course we have to fast when ramadhan come, but somehow a friend of mine wasn't even fasting in ramadhan. in fact, when i talk about ramadhan, she said, "its your culture, not mine." her answer kinda confused me. And yes, she's not fasting in Ramadhan.

and 1 more thing i don't get it is about covering head. why some female Muslim covered half part of their head only?

Is it a sensitive question to ask what is syiah is all about? because i did ask her whether she's syiah or not n she said yes.

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Salam, every muslim must fast including shia with no doubt. So if your friend isn't fasting because she thinks it is hard to fast and don't want to tired herself, then she is muslim but munafiq... If she isn't fasting because she doesn't admit with fasting and doesn't consider it, then she is a mushrik whatever her sect is... About hijab, yes alot of girls show their hair while wearing hijab. What they wear isn't considered hijab. It is illegal in Islam. They MUST cover all of their hair. Not even a single hair appears. Wa Allah a'lam

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   Brothers and Sisters,
   The question was regarding the pillars of Islam but the comments proceeded in some other direction - the direction which is misleading. Ummah's division into several sects is Allah's wrath on the Muslims. Surah Ana'm,ayah 65 though addresses mushriqeen but carries the warning for ummah-e-Muhammed(SAW) acccording to Mujahid(RTA). Bokhari(RTA) states in ref to this ayah that ummah will be divided in several firqa, would indulge in in-fighting as a result of Allah's wrath, if Allah so willed. Hadrat Sa'd bin Waqass(RA) is narrated to have said on hearing this ayah that RasoolAllah (SAW) said that this thing will certainly come to pass though had till then not happened.
   Masnad Ahmad n Sunnan state a hadith that RasoolAllah(SAW) said:' Yahudi had 71 firqa, Nasarah was divided into 72 firqa, and this ummah will be in 73 firqa - all are juhanami excepting 1 jamma't.' He(SAW) was asked as to who they were, RasoolAllah(SAW) said,' Those who will be on that(path)on which I and my companions are.'[or as he(SAW) said]. 
   There are good and bad people all around us, irrespective of a sect. connecting someone's 'bad' with that person's sect must be avoided. On the contrary we should be talking of ummah as a whole and keep from taking up matters which create differences and instead bring up matters which result into development of unity and harmony. May Allah show US ALL the Straight Path - the path of those who are rewarded by Allah. Ameen.
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walaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

what I learned about 5 pillar of Islam in elementary school

  1. syahadah
  2. shalat 5 times a day
  3. fasting on ramadhan
  4. zakat
  5. hajj, if you can afford it

if you ask about my sect, I don't know what sect I am. if I look to wikipedia, it categorize me to sunni, but we muslim here never call ourselve "we are sunni people/sunni muslim"

I don't know if my answer can clear your doubt, but as a muslim that born from muslim family and studied on an Islamic elementary school, that's 5 pillar of Islam that I know

as far as I know fasting on ramadhan have medical benefit, you can google it on the internet

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no this does not categorize to any sect, I am Muslim and Muslim only, all of those sects are divisions people put so we may be divided, but there is only one group of this Ummah which will succeed.

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sorry, because the title is "5 pillars of Islam and Syiah", I thought the one that said fasting on ramadhan is not the part of pillar of Islam is shia. sorry, I know nothing about sect, really.

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I understand, actually I think the shia have ramadan because they follow Ali Radiah Allah Anhu and he was a faqeeh and the nephew of the Prophet.

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i also don't know much about shia... it just bother me went i saw some (maybe a lot) muslim eat outside openly when ramadhan n even said that fasting in ramadhan is not part of their culture.

i remember one incident (told by my friend), where there's a muslim guy when to restaurant n there's waiter asked him either he is a muslim or not. he said yes.. since that time was the month of ramadhan, he wasn't allowed to order food and he shocked.

i don't get it why must he shocked about, fasting in ramadhan is a part of 5 pillars of islam....

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most msulims today are going astray, this is just a matter of the comming of YawmulQiama.

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I thought fasting is the easiest ibadah to do...

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actualy it is the hardest, when you fast you are not only having the physical hardship but in fasting youa re letting go of the shahawat, Imam Ghazaly encouraged Fasting because of this, so onece you let go of the Shahawat and become more disciplined than it may or may not become easier, and if you are fasting outside of ramadan than you know it is hard. But it is when we fast for Allah that makes it easier for it is the knowing that the faster will go into Jannah through the door of Raiyan that makes it easier.

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Shia Muslims are good people

they fasted during Ramadan

they are very loving Al-Imam Ali bin Abi Talib

Shia women cover their bodies properly

They are a good Muslim

they pray five times a day

they pay zakah

they fasted during Ramadan

and they goto hajj to the holy city of Mecca

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The shia people are not good people, at least those who follow Shia strongly,

  1. The insult the Sahabah and say that the angel jibreel made a mistake when he went to the prophet muhamad that instead he should've went to Ali abn abu talib.

  2. they Shia cut themselves once a year to "feel the pain of ali" or something like that.

  3. The shia worship Ali pretty much, they make dua'a to Ali and not to Allah or they make Dua'a to Ali and Allah so they are mushrikeen.

  4. they insult Abu bakar and the other Caliphates that came after him.

  5. They call "Sunni muslims" kafireen and say we are on a wrong path

  6. They insult Aisha the wife of the prophet muhammad

  7. They are in Syria right now, Iranian soldiers and they are killing Muslimeen in the streets in the name of Bashar Al Asad, they are killing Muslimeen thus they are Kofar and when they die we will not pray for them, they are the same as the people who kill the innocent.

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Even assuming your claims are all true, which I highly doubt, lambasting an entire group of self-proclaimed Muslims based on the actions of some is prejudice plain and simple.

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it would be best to say that the people who do this are bad people but not neccessarily all shia do this also, this isnt an answer to the question

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That's not true, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei was declare insulting of Sahaba and Wives as Haram

in the Shia community as in the Sunni community, there is a diversion, Ulama Sunnis reject the diversion, as well as Ulama Shia reject the opinion that Ali is god, Ulama Shia reject the opinion " 'Sunni muslims' kafireen and say Sunni are on a wrong path"

Ulama shia was say "Sunni is our brother"

واَعْتصِمُواْ بِحَبْلِ الله جَمِيْعًا وَلاَ تَفَـرَّقوُا

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I am talking about the majority Shia from Iran, not about Ulama.

I understand there is division between the Shia.

but when people talk about Islam they talk about Sunni islam because it is the MAJORITY

So when I talk about Shia I talk about THE MAJORITY of Shia I respect your beliefs as long as they do not clash with the Sunni of the prophet muhammad and the Qur'an.

(Jun 05 '12 at 14:04) Mohamad_Islam Mohamad_Islam's gravatar image are confused between shia and ismailis there is a big difference and please racism is haram in islam stop saying that shias are killing people are in syria etc..ALLAH knows the best

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