A man had zina (adultery)with his proposed wife 1 month before their marriage. The question are these :- 1. What is the position of the marriage 2.The position of the son 3.Can he re-marry her if the marriage is not valid? References frm quran and sunna are needed

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first upall u made a zina which is (haram)secondly what if she found pregenent? if she give birth what ever she give birth people would could him/her as (dan zina) which means a baby b/4 married, do you want at dis to happen toyou sester ,mother,or any reletionship among you family.pls pray no.

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Salam, your marriage is vaild and you are still husband and wife but the problem here is that you made zina with your currently wife before marriage. There is what you have to do, Don't (you & your wife)ever speak about zina you have done to anybody. You two MUST ask Allah for forgiveness and promise to be straight. You MUST show your regret to Allah. Continue your marriage as usual but make your family a religious family. Wa Allah a'lam

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