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Can you explain the difference between salatul-juma' and salatul-Duhr? Can salatul-juma' be performed before salatul-Duhr prayer time has arrived? Can you send references with your response please?

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No it can not, the Friday prayer replaces the DHUR prayer

Salat al Jum3a is a Fard/Obligatory prayer for every muslim, missing it is a big sin and If you miss it 3 times in a row it is said that your heart will be closed from the blessings and mercy of Allah.

It's importance is emphasized in maintaining the religion of Islam.

Otherwise each muslim would have his own view, where as when the muslimeen gather each Friday they are given the proper understanding of Islam and are taught the importance and the consequences for Sins and that is why it is obligatory because without the Religion would have much bid'a.

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