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Please could you help me on this topic. What does Islam say about religious violence? Does Islam promote violence? In Africa we hear of the Al Shabaab in Somali and the Boko Haram in Nigeria. Are the wars waged by these Islamic movements justified? What could you say about Islam and religious violence in general.

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La ilha Il Allah,

Basmilah Al Rahman Al Raheem.

I can say, by all standards of right and wrong My religion Islam is the best morally and by it's laws wages wars for reasons much larger then America or any other non-Islamic country.

War is only in self-defense, murder is never justified and war is obligatory on every muslim If It is to defend a Muslim country from conquerors, or an oppressed people.

Such as black people in America, It is fard/obligatory on every Muslim to have when it existed, come to defense and freedom of Slaves in America, IT was also obligatory on Every muslim to defend the Native Americans, yet that did not occur.

Because the media did not exist, Muslims did not really exist in the west at that time, thus we could not rush to the defense of the weak.

Yet Vietnam war, the war with Japan how was this self-defense?

How about when America launched a air strike on Japan after it surrendered? How is this justified?

Killing 15000 people in the cities just to make a show of strength? or a I OWN YOU?

How do you justify the murder of millions of Native Americans for the sake of colonization?

How do you justify the murder of the Native Canadians?

How do you justify the murder of the people of Palestine so that Israeli's can get a land which they claim is rightfully theirs?

Millions have died in Palestine in the last 80 years.

How do you justify this?

Yet the death of 3000 people in the world trade center was an act that justified the death of hundreds of thousands and a big red stamp that says Islam is evil.

weigh this with me, 2 billion Muslims how many have died by claims of the Media and the Governments of America by muslims?

about 5000 people in the last 12 years.

Aids has claimed more.

So, where is this violence? KKK have done worse, back when it was still famous and black oppression still existed.

Is Christianity Evil?

If so many muslims are honor killing how are we still growing? 70% of converts to Islam are women, interesting enough all these women claim that Islam forbids wife beating, honor killing is murder and child abuse, It's laws on these are even more strict then America's laws, Yet somehow 2 billion people don't even understand their own religion? No, this is bogus,

I am a Muslim and this is my testimony I have done my duty and I hope you believe me, trust the truth and do not believe the lies, this is Islam and this is my life I love Allah I love his prophets I love all of mankind except those who transgress and commit crimes against humanity and cause mischief and destruction.

If the whole world accepted Islam no one would be wronged.

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Here is a respond to "kill them where ever you find them" , that is about Islamic violence, InshaAllah it will be helpful ~link removed~

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Please, don't comment for old questions unnecessary just to advertise your Youtube video.

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