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I like to have reply to following question:

Is Pension / stipend Halal or Haram becuase one gets fixed amount without rendering any service/ labour or job.

If Pension is Halal, can a retired person who is not entitled for such facility like pension / stipend can invest in any scheme for old / retired persons where some fixed amount payment is guaranteed?

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I have no idea. Free money isn't haram as long as you do nothing haram to gain it, anything to do with interest is Haram, investing is only haram when it is a haram business or an investment company who would invest that money for you in a haram business.

(Jun 05 '12 at 04:59) Mohamad_Islam Mohamad_Islam's gravatar image
Pension is your own earning which you become entitled to after putting in prescribed number of years of service. Part of the total amount of pension, as a matter of fact,is out of your own contribution (hidden) which you make during your service. Pension is halal.

Any type of fixed return on a deposit, as profit, falls in the category of usury and it is haram.

As regards stipend, it's basis needs to be clarified.
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