Pray like this

Fajr 2 Out loud all two

Dhur 4 Silent All four

Asr 4 Silent All four

Maghrib 3 Out loud first 2 silent last raka'a

Isha 4 Out loud first 2 Silent last 2

Total 17

the sunnah prayers are like this

2 rakat before fajr

4 rakat before dhur

2 rakat after dhur

none at asr

2 rakat after maghrib

2 rakat after Isha

1-3-5 rakat Witr or more after the sunnah of Isha

All sunnah prayers are Silent!!! but the WITR is outloud

Qiyam al layl

between midnight and fajr

6 prayers 2 rakat each out loud so that's 12 rakat

and then another witer of 1 rakat, making a total of 13 rakat

then make Dua'a to Allah whatever you like

and then read Qur'an do this for as long as you want, but the longer the better.

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