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Is having pets like " Hermit Crabs , Hamsters , cats and dogs " haram in Islam ? First of all i wanna sayt that i live in Azerbaijan (a muslim country , about 90% is muslim but shia ) . Most of Azeri People is Shia , but i am not . ( im learning namaz now but I will pray 5 times a day and i am not Shia ) ...

My friends say that having pets is haram and you cannot keep any pets in home . and they also say that you are not praying right way ,they say that you must pray ( namaz ) 3 times . Please help me,i'm a muslim and i want to keep Hermit crabs at home . I have fish aquariums also ... Please help my Muslim brothers !

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Salam, having a pet isn't haram in Islam. It's ok. But about the dog, It'd be better not to let him in home and lick your skin. Also about birds, It's not good to keep birds as they need freedom to fly. And any other pet, it's ok and give them the care they need. There are 5 prayers in Islam. Don't let those people shake your faith. There are many ahadith prove that it's 5 prayers not three. May Allah enlight your path. Wa Allah a'lam.

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Thank you very much ! As salemun Aleikum ! These people told me that " You must kill black colored dogs , you must kill dogs " . But i don't believe that ! ALLAH MADE ALL OF US ! and DOGS are created by Allah too , we cannot kill any animals becoze Allah created them ... Its not true , yeah ? Is there something about "Killing dogs" in Islam ?

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no nothing in Islam that tells us that.

(Jun 06 '12 at 13:35) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

actually there is a hadeeth about a women being rewarded for giving a dog about to die from thirst water we are rewarded for helping these animals not killing them, also their is a hadeeth about a women who will go to hell because she refused to let the cat eat or drink so we are punished for torturing animals there should be no reason to kill a dog because we do not eat them nor are they evil

(Jun 06 '12 at 14:12) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

The first hadith you said was of a man not a women.

(Jun 06 '12 at 14:26) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

no i belive it was the story with the prostitute

(Jun 06 '12 at 14:56) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

Book 54: Beginning of Creation

Hadith 538 (Volume 4)

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "A prostitute was forgiven by Allah, because, passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover she drew out some water for it. So, Allah forgave her because of that."

(Jun 06 '12 at 15:06) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

sorry I am not familiar with that story :(

(Jun 06 '12 at 15:08) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

thank you.

(Jun 06 '12 at 15:12) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

Hahah ... I wanna say something that will make you laugh . In my country one of Shia told me this story ( Narrated Abu Huraira ) but he told me that Hz.Ali did that . But in reality story tells us prostitute did it :)

(Jun 06 '12 at 16:41) Fazil Gumbatli Fazil%20Gumbatli's gravatar image
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