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I want to wear my hijaab at work but i don't have the right I am a nurse. what should I do?

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You should wear hijab when you can at work and not be put off by others they will accept you

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what country are you in exactly? ive never heard of somone not allowed to wear the hijab at work i suggest you take this problem up to the boss and if you still arent allowed to wear it you must leave the job, the worship of allah should come before money and when you worship allah you are rewarded, inna ma3 il 3usree yusra, with difficulty their comes ease, try to find another job at a different hospital and hopefully allah will help you because of the sacrafice you will make

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You do have the right! Sister wear your hijab to work Allah subhanna WA ta'ala gave us the right subhana Allah !

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A similar question , " Some men cannot offer salah at work " . I know that you might say " give up the job " but if the job is left , where will money come from ? Who will help ? Earning money is the only way of survival in my prospective . What should one do in this situation if there is no other source of income ? Answer please ?

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One must understand that all money belongs to Allah. He can give and take as He pleases. If a person leaves a job for the sake of Allah and his reward, inshallah, He will reward that person even greater for their patience and trust in Him.

Furthermore, Allah promises his slaves that He will provide for them in this wordly life. So yes, it might seem like a foreign idea to some, or even on the verge of extreme. But Allah says in the Qur'an that He is rich and we are poor, so either way, we must depend on him for our income with a job or not.

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Money,job and everything are owned by ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA. It is not your job that is sustaining you but ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA BLESSING.ONE OF RASUULALLAH Hadith states that :you must not follow the PERSON that is created to Disobey THE CREATOR<allahu subhana="" wat'ala="">.YOU MUST NOT Obey the command of the person created by ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA AND DISOBEY THE CREATOR. We were commanded to observe SALAT, dont follow them to Disobey ALLAH SUBHANA WAT'ALA.MASALLAM.

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Answer to First question from sister,

Dear sister, Hijab in islam is not covering the face it is to cover your body properly and you can leave your face open as for as i know islam. speak with you boss politley and if he/she does not allow you to wear then sit for a second with your family and discuss it and whatever they suggest i think would be a wise decision because in this world your family is your first and strongest side you have and if you have options like your family members earn good money and you can leave the job and find another job then its completely fine to leave the job but in some cases girls like you are the one who support their family and are the source of income to run a home and if in your case is the case and you think it would be difficult to leave the job and find another then the best you can do is my sister as per my opinion that start wearing clothes in which you feel covert and secured and your boss is also happy but keep on posting job applications and when you find one then switch because the place where people do not care about your issues is not the right place to work.

Answer to second question of Brother about Prayers:

Dear brother in ur case i can see that you two prayers 'Zuhar and Asar' that you have to offer during your office timings between 9 to 5.

Brother i am not a scholar but if you can go with this what i would suggest is to do wudu the time you leave for office and try to stay in wudu during your office timings and find a time when zuhar is going and asar is coming so that you can offer both of them at one time.

If you think your boss will not allow you to spare 10,15 mins for prayers you can probably offer Farz (obligatory) part of prayers from zuhar and asar and that is (4,4 Rakat Farz) and the rest you can do when you come home and the best thing as i told sister as well that if you think you can change your job then its the best thing to do because why would you work somewhere where people do not care about your faith but if you think leaving the job is a problem then do not leave the job immediately speak with your family seek their advise and if they agree then start posting applications for the job and when you find new one then leave this stupid place.

I hope answered the question take care God bless you both and please do not worry and the best thing to do in ur hard times is to sit alone and talk to Allah Subhan Wata'ala and believe me you are listened and answered every time that is my personal experience.

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@assalamoalikum , thnx . Wa 'alaykumus salam

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