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as salam alay kum,i live in india my husband had died few days ago,but i cannot do my "iddat" as one of my son stay abroad,my second son does not listen to me at all,i live along with my youngest daughter,ihad to go out for daily bazar,to buy my medicine as my son tells me "you go and purchase your medicine i dont have time"he is 30 years old,so i have go out for my livelihood as my daughter is 25 years old,my eldest is getting married in this month,i just want to know that can i go to attained my sons marriage,he stay abroad and coming all the for marriage only no elder is there,please suggest me daughter is telling that if i wont attened the marriage ,then they will not attened too.please answer me soon.Allah hafiz

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not known sorryyyyyyyyy,i am not th scholar this Q is very vital and it cannot be answered without knowledge or scholars

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im sorry but this website isnt managed by scholers its anyone with internet access although many people here are knowledgable if you dont want answeres from avarage people then go on a website were you may ask an imam

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@Aman I do not suggest that you ask for scholars online, because online anyone can be a scholar or act like one, I suggest you find one here you are living, or read a book about this which is much better.

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Bokhari Sharif states that a woman in her iddat must not dress up in colored clothes, must not use perfume,and must not apply makeup (Bukhari 7:63:254). Going out of the house for absolute necessity is permissible but going out of the house for the marriage celebrations, as in the case of the lady, is a matter which in no circumstances could be termed as a necessity.

Her query in this regard is indicative of her inner-self being dissatisfied of the whole matter and I suggest she must follow the voice of her conscience. May Allah give her the strength to do the right.

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if you are old and it is neccessary for you to leave and you are not planning or remarring then it is permitionable for you not to do the iddat but it is best to try not to go out as often as you can

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nesreenA it is very great that u answered my question and u do have a knowledge i appriciate Allah bless you child,but still very young to answer it.thanksss

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Assalam Alaykm. If Muslim female's husband is dead, she mustn't marry another man, unless if she does not have any sons, not daughters. If she would wait with her temper, patience, she was promised a JANNAH <3. Thank You

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