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Is there a different way for ladies to do Wodhu ? Pls. Give the right way of doing Wodhu and the prayer for it

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I make wudu by making my intention first...I don't speak araby but say it in english...then I clean the private area with water, then I go to sink and wash right hand 3 times, left hand 3 times...Rinse mouth with water 3 times, sniff water into nose 3 times with right hand and snort it out with left hand, then I wash face 3 times from top of forehead to bottom of chin. Then I Rinse right arm from wrist to elbow 3 times then left, then spread water on top of head to back of neck. Afterwards I clean ears 3 times but use index finger to clean inside of ears then thumbs to clean outside of ears (3 times) finally, wipe top of feet and bottom of feet 3 times but make sure water gets in between toes...hope this helps..Some ppl change order but I've found this to be most popular among Muslims. I know Shi'ites make wudu different.

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yes making wudhu differs on wich schoole of though you follow.

(Feb 16 '12 at 13:48) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image
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