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When there will be azan of friday prayer mean before sermen azan will answer it or not (second azan of Friday prayer)

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Sorry. We couldn't get what you mean. Please explain.

(Jun 09 '12 at 12:04) lumisho ♦ lumisho's gravatar image

If I get what you mean the answer may be this. for all Athans you should repeat what is said. If that is not what you meant than if I understand again the iqama is called after the sermon. you should always answer the Athan.

(Jun 09 '12 at 12:08) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

I think he is trying to ask which Athan do you answer on Jumma. but I am not sure.

(Jun 09 '12 at 14:21) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

I am asking about second adhan before sermon I heard only imam will answer second adhan it is true or false tell me

(Jun 11 '12 at 12:29) fakhrealam fakhrealam's gravatar image

Yes, Imam should be late to the last second. He answers the 2nd adhan so that muslims would arrive before him and take their reward and Angels write them as those who attend jumma.

(Jun 13 '12 at 12:20) lumisho ♦ lumisho's gravatar image

and when the imam gets on the mimber than the angels will put away their books and listen.

(Jun 13 '12 at 12:28) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image
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 It is the first adha'n, before the sermon of the friday prayer that one has to answer to, as given in Bokhari Sharif.
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second adhan when the imam sit on sermon place I heard only imam will answer second adhan it ia true or false tell me

(Jun 11 '12 at 12:28) fakhrealam fakhrealam's gravatar image
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