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Assalamu alaikum,i want to know how the diffrent types of thanking allah daily

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okay my brothers,i am very glad for the answers may allah subhanahu wa taallah reward you for the help

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By way of zikr, the best of zikr to thank Allah is to recite 'SubhanAllahe wabehamdihe subhanAllah hilazeem' as much as one can. And, by way of acts the best way to thank Allah in my opinion, brothers and sisters, is to OBEY ALLAH AND OBEY HIS RASOOL(SAW). Accept RasoolAllah(SAW) as the true leader(surah An-Nisa',ayah 65); Bring every desire in submission to the decision of RasoolAllah(SAW)[surah Al-Ahzab,ayah 36]. Proof of love for Allah is in obedience to RasoolAllah(SAW)[surah Al-'Imran,ayah 31&32] and Surah An-Noor, Ayah 52 tells us that our salvation rests in obedience to Allah and RasoolAllah(SAW).

Pray for yourself, pray for your near ones and pray for the UMMAH - may Allah guide us all to be what Allah ordains us to be. Ameen,suma'ameen.
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try not to duplicate your answers, a suggestion, do not click post answer twice just once is enough.

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Al Ummat, Thank u for the tip. However, the problem is that when I click 'post your answer' sometimes I get the sign that if I closed the window my work will be destroyed. That results into duplication. Please help solve this problem.

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Ok, when you write it copy and past it to somewhere so that it is preserved just in case you lose it. once you do this post your question if it says if you move away from this page than you will lose your work, just click okay, after answering check to see if the answer is there if not than wait for at least 2/3 minutes and if you still don't see it than you can go to your persevered copy and past it back if after you find there are two answers than delete one of them and leave one. If this problem continues than it is a good idea to contact .

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Wa Alaikum Assalaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaaatahuuuuu.... Brother,there are many types to Praise our Almighty Allah {S.w.t} like by doing Dhikr{zikr}: SubhanAllah,Alhumdulillah,Allah-u-Akber,.. Also,the best way to Thank Allah is to offer 2 Rakats of Shukran Namaz..

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for one, there is praying, there is duas, there is thikr, which is doing tasbeeh like subahan allah allhamdu lilla la illaha illa alla and allahu akbar, saying allhamdu lillah whenever somomthing good comes your way, there is fasting (but not daily usualy every other day) giving to charity in the name of allah, feeding the poor, etc.

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