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Well Sometimes when you are praying maghrib namaaz in Mazjhid the imaam leads us too fast and I dont get to finish reading Durood Sharif and he finishes the salaat very very fast. It feels almost like he isn't reading namaaz. And Im only 13 so I cant ask him to read slower because he might think im rude, if he wasnt actually praying will it be Gunnah? and if he reads namaaz to fast is it Gunnah?

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it is very unsafe to give your age online.

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There is no sin on you for any wrong(in your view) that the immam does. Besides, you have to follow your immam without any worry of that which you leave uncompleted. If you cannot walk up-to him for your problem, you could ask some elders, if they also feel the same about him, to talk to the immam on this matter.
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