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I am faced with divorce...

as a new muslim, where do i turn, what do i do?

my family isn't muslim, i cannot live there?

it is haram to live alone...? (i cannot support myself anyways)

please, i am scared....

I have a 7 year old daughter...

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Keeping in view the problems you are faced with, specially when you cannot support yourself, the best thing to do is to review the circumstances that have brought you to such a pass and see where you could make compromises to redevelop your matrimonial relationship. Divorce is worst of all halal matters in the eyes of Allah. It demands sacrifices to maintain this relationship, more so when you have a daughter to bring up. Living with your parents will not be smooth at all, especially when you are going to be financially dependent upon them. Think realistically.
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i belive if your divorced and have children your are allowed to live alone... im not sure. but if you are being divorced its best to go to a local mosque so a sheikh can give you advice abot what to do next and make sure the process is being done correctly and if you are being divorced your husband must keep you in his house for 3 menestral cycles so approximmatly three months based on your cycle this is called iddat, and if you guys have any sexual intercourse in this period the divorce is void and you guys are married once again, this period to make sure you guys truley want the divorce. and lastly you may live with your family even if they are not muslim its just more difficlut to live with them considering they may have dogs in the house or statues, an area where angels do not enter, and they may not eat halal food but otherwise if you feel that you can handle living there, you may.

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I'm very sorry about your situation. I'm sure there are people around you that could help you out with your problems. I believe being a new Muslim is very hard. Most especially when you are not born as a Muslim. Their are rules and customs to be followed in there halal. Think about everything you plan clearly and with faith to Allah. I'm pretty sure that everything would be alright soon.

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If anyone is reading this, ansheALLAH, on the basis that they are having a similar situation or know someone who is I just want to pass along the best advice I received, the astagfirALLAHwaatoobuallayhi duaa has been such a powerful tool. It is a short duaa so one can say it over 1000 times in a day while doing chores or driving....

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