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i got question bout tattoos. I got amazing friend (he's muslim) we want to meet soon but im european and got few tattoos. is that possible to be with muslim if i got tattoos? (visible - very) what would ppl say in egypt or his parents?

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no im not muslim (maybe one day will b but not now) and its definitelly impossible to get off. what now? i cant b with muslim guy coz of that?

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you couldnt date him anyway muslims cant date only marry to ensure a contract between the couple and God making sure that you guys will follow your duties not to leave eachother cheat he takes care of you etc. many reasons why marrige is a better route

(Jun 10 '12 at 23:30) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image

i wrote my girlfrnds name on my arm is it gunnah i have done tobba and am not in any relation now

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  It all depends upon the type of tattoos you have on you and the 'temperament' of the people you are going to meet( sounds like you are meeting your friend for the first time). If they are  staunch Muslims they might show signs of astonishment but since you are not a Muslim they would take it lightly, hopefully. Try to conceal the tattoos as much as you can with appropriate dress (but do make a mention of to it your friend). Good luck to you in your noble plans.

  Avoid making mention of your sins in public, especially when you realized your mistake and sought Allah's forgiveness. Allah states that He keeps secret the bad deeds a man does during the night and in the morning the man announces his sins to others himself.
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@ NasreenA Well, i understand that we cant date....if i must b honest i would love to get married especially that we talk bout that and both agreed that would b awesome. Maybe im not a muslim but im tryin to understand this religion and of course i respect it. im not an ignorant :D

@MAK My friend knows that i have tats and he's ok with that. Of course i understand that i should hide them and of course i will.

Anyway.... thank u all guys. i appreciate.

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its fine to get married if you are not muslim especially since you are interested in the religion and seem to respect you just have to at leat belive a book of God if you belive in a book a muslim man may marry you

(Jun 11 '12 at 17:41) NesreenA ♦ NesreenA's gravatar image
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