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assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

I want to know, what is the law of salat jamaah in the mosque for muslim men? is it wajib or sunnah?

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 Congregational salat is a duty. Allah states in the Quran,'Bow down with those who bow down.' The importance of jamaah salat is highlighted by a hadith where a blind companion of RasoolAllah(SAW), hadrat Amr(RA) sought his permission to offer salat at home because his was handicapped. RasoolAllah(SAW) did not permit him. besides it is 27 times more rewarding to offer salat in congregation.

Offering salat as soon as it falls due, as RasoolAllah(SAW) instructed to do, also gaining 27 times more reward can only be achieved by offering salat in the mosque.
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I hope I can overcome my laziness... I usually shalat at home...

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