assalamualikum, Evry day i using facebook for chating with my frndz (incldng girlz). Sum timz my majr time of my life i spnd for dis. . . .nw i cnt leave frm facebook ....pls pls help me wat i do ?

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Wa Alaikum Assalaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaaatahuuuuu..... Brother,i can understand..bro,i also use facebook.,but bro as u are much more addict to facebook,firstly u have to reduce its use if u want to get rid from it. For example,if in 24 hours,u use facebook in 4 hours,just reduce the use as : first day>3.5 hours. 2nd day>3.3 on.... But bro,dont use facebook to chat with girls,it would be difficult as i know but bro reduce ur chatting with girls.. For example,if u chat with 5 girls on facebook,then reduce the use as: Ist day:chat with 4 girls and ignore 1 girl.. 2nd day:chat with 3 girls,and ignore two girls....then a time will come when u will have chat with no girl,..Insha-Allah.. Also,u should open an Islamic page in which u can spread the Word of Allah.. And don't miss to Offer Any Namaz while using facebook.. Hope the Answer of Question..

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