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i love someone and she also loves me...our feelings are really pure about eachother ... but the problem is girl parents are doing her engagement to someonelse .....what i do ?? any way according to islam to want her from ALLAH ?? any prayer any vazifa ??

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Bro,i suggest you to Pray/offer Salatul Istikhara {2 Rakats} and praise Allah {S.w.t} as much as you can.. Bro,also talk to ur parents about this issue..may be ur parents agreed in it and then will talk to the girl's parents about this Issue..

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thank u ahmed and akeemat :-) i have blind trust on ALLAH ALMIGHTY :-)

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i advice you not to fight over the issue, just pray and put your trust in Allah. don't forget that your wife will not be married to someone else. if she is your wife, it will surely be made possible by Allah. Also remember that it is not right for you to marry a woman that is engaged to another muslim brother. the Prophet clearly warned against it unless the man cuts the engagement by himself. so please there is an istikhara for seeking Allah' guidance. make this prayer and put your trust in Allah alone. There is a small book called "Hisnu Muslim" by Saeed bn Ali bn Wahf Al Qahtani. the prayer is in it. may Allah put you through. Wallahu alam

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I can just only give you advice, and my advice is for you to just pray over it and you should perform istikhara prayer. If she is going to be your future wife may Allah bless... And if it is the other way, may Allah give you the right partner. MA'ASLAM.

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