Assalamualikum, I have so many non-muslim friends. How can i invite my friends to islam ? Please give me a possible answer ! May allah bless you !

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Rightly pointed out by Basith. The best way is to show them deen-e-Islam in its practical form and that you can do by making all your acts and deeds, pertaining to haqooqAllah and haqooq-ul-abad, in accordance with Quran and sunnah. Your conduct, behaviour, mannerism, courtesy, honesty, truthfulness, keeping promises, straight talking, abiding rules and regulations, etc, etc must all reflect the teachings of deen-e-Islam. Not to forget that you offer your prayers at the right timings for them to see.

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To the concerned. I just posted the answer above(5 min ago) and it shows 'posted 23 hours ago'. Someone to check please.

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it's okay I think, sometimes I experience the same case, nothing to worry

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Asalamu wa alaikum, it is ok, it fixes within 10 minutes. I do not know why it does that but other things do it to, like whne you vote up a question or answer it will show it is 0 but it will fix. It just takes some time.

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waalaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

hmm... if I am you, I will do da'wah by become a good muslim, practice Islam in kaffah way, have akhlaqul karimah like our prophet Muhammad S.A.W

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