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Salam, I'm married about 6 years now, i have 2 beautiful kids. but i just find out my wife is talking to an other man on the phone. when i confront her, she was telling me it's a business thing bla bla bla... So to make sure ,I just listen to her phone call... is it a bad thing in Islam ?. But i was surprise to hear some conversations with the man . they were talking about love ... and things i can't say here. She even accept money from the man one time.... So what Islam said about wife who behave like that ?
what do i do ? Please Help..

wa salam

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Spend time wit her as much u can. Make her recognise ur importance, share wit her, pray Allah to bring back her to u, as she is misled

(Nov 23 '13 at 07:25) ayesha123 ayesha123's gravatar image

Spend time wit her as much u can. Make her recognise ur importance, share wit her, pray Allah to bring back her to u, as she is misled

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it seems like she isnt interested in you. Best thing to do is take her phone and get rid of it. SHe probably hasnt memorised the number. then get her a new (basic) one, with a new number.

if she doesnt change, you may have to split.

Also, it seems that if she is talking to other men, you are lacking in some area. Ask your wife to give you 10 things she likes about you, and 10 things she hates about you. The things she hates, you should stop doing. the things she likes, you should do more.

Most of all, look after her and the kids, and she will come back to you.


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You need to buy 2 books. One how to be a good muslim husband and 2 how to be a good muslim wife. Both of you should read it . Hopefully if you are both practicing your religion there shouldn't be any issues occurring further. But if there is you both clearly have marital problems that need to be sorted before it all turns ugly.

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Obviously they have marital problems.And reading an Islamic book about marriage?'Here wife, here's a book bout how you should be acting as a proper wife in Islam.All we have to do is follow all the rules and we've cooked us up a perfect marriage. I've got my copy right here!' How do you think that'd turn out? Like either of them would read all of it.Who'd be arsed to do that with all the problems these days?And who would follow every single rule?You can't just depend on Islamic books bro.Unless you were being sarcastic with your answer, which isn't helpful dude.And now I'm being a hypocrite.

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What are you talking about. Have u been smokin something

(Nov 22 '13 at 15:25) Faisal26 Faisal26's gravatar image

Yep. Weed. Does the best job. If you wanna know what I'm talking about, read the comment again and actually use your brain. I know it might sound hard for someone like you, but it works.

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Forunately we don't take advice on here from CRACK heads and smack heads which you quite obviously have admitted that you are.unless ur a humn pig there might an exception like mike.

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Salaam brothers, this isn't a good show of brotherhood in Islam. If you need to comment on each other's answers, there is a better way of doing it. Make your point in a good manner and avoid insulting. Allah is a witness to us all. JazakAllah.

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u should directly talk face to face wid u r wife

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Wa alayka salam!!! My brother, all u need 2 do is, dnt react as if u hear or see anything, coz u will only be deep go thought all the time. Try 2 talk 2 Allah (SWT) and will definitely hear ur prayer, coz Allah (SWT) said, call on me and I will answer you... Maa salam

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brother according to my experience she will be not intersted in you anymore and she fairs of her kids life so she goes behind your back but Allah is the only judge whom can judge everything if you want her back show some interest in her, treat her like kid make her set with you talk to het nicely very calm but with love like you talk to a kid and make her undrstand how much you care and love her. most woman go to that path thinking that you have care for them but man's are always in their of life so be a mature person do not start fight in the middlle it will not sort anything start of from your self and tell her how much you love her your family and how much you care about them and if its in your power take her for a dine in a such resturant she likes but once you told her your feelings let her and see if she changed her path as I belive she will change het path and put more in your way if want her full on do that with her every week and she will be yours. Allah Malik of everything ask Allah to help you start going on the way Allah and ask him to help you he is the most mercyfull and kind.

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im going to sort of give my opinion i dont belive its haram just because its forbidden for her to speak to a man without a mahram even if it is buisness you are supposed to be with her when a non mahram speaks to her in case somthing happens like above but i think you shouldnt do it behind her back explain this to her and tell her you wil listen because she cannot talk to him withour you there wether she likes it or not since its your duty to protect since apparently she isnt protecting herself

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Did you even read the question properly? He said they were talking about love. You call that business?

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Love? Love?

Stop the woman before she is out of control!

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Please read ayah 34 of Surah An-Nisah with its tafseer. this ayah gives out man's responsibilities, gives out who are good women and who are bad and also guides men in dealing with such women.
May Allah help you. Ameeen.
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Thanks for the reference. I used that verse to answer the question.

(Nov 22 '13 at 22:37) Anakata Anakata's gravatar image
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