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Asalamu wa alaikum,

In English the Quran says: 67:5 (Asad) And, indeed, We have adorned the skies nearest to the earth with lights, and have made them the object of futile guesses for the evil ones [from among men]: and for them have We readied suffering through a blazing flame The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines astrology as 'the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects.' Is this allowed in Islam?

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Jun 15 '12 at 08:36 Al Ummat ♦ 131878 Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

@cocolia42 I have made a big mistake, I thought that astrology was astronomy and so that is why I said it is not forbidden, I am seriously sorry.

(Jun 15 '12 at 08:41) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image

I do wonder about the translation you're using for that verse. I don't know enough classical arabic to say it's translated wrong, but it's definitely the first time I've ever seen it translated that way.

(Jun 15 '12 at 10:46) goldPseudo ♦ goldPseudo's gravatar image

@goldPseudo That translation is from: The Message of the Qur'an: The full account of the revealed Arabic text accompanied by parallel transliteration (English and Arabic Edition)by Muhammad Asad Another translation from Amatul Rahman Omar says: We have, certainly, adorned the lowest heaven with (stars-like) lamps and We have made them as means of conjecture for the evil ones (and the astrologers who invent good or bad omens from the movement of the stars). (Remember) We have prepared for these (soothesayers) the punishment of the blazing Fire.

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@Al Ummat Thank you for your help.

(Jun 15 '12 at 13:19) cocolia42 cocolia42's gravatar image
  Anything pertaining to the future is known to Allah alone. Predicting future events through stars, palmistry, numerology etc is false; a lie. Regarding such people, RasoolAllah(SAW) said that they are liars even if they tell the truth. Even if what they said comes true, they still are liars - it would just be a matter of coincidence that a thing happened as they said.

  You have understood the referred verse correctly, cocolia42. On the authority of a tradition going back to hadrat ibn-e-Abbass, the illusion is to soothsayers and the astrologers who saw the good and evil in the stars.

  Weather forecast is based on scientific calculations worked out from the data obtained through

scientific equipment and is therefore a different matter altogether.

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@ MAK Thank you. That is how I understood it.

(Jun 16 '12 at 13:49) cocolia42 cocolia42's gravatar image

The prophet is reported to have said:

He who visits an 'Arraf (عَرّاف) and asks him about anything, his prayers extending to forty nights will not be accepted. (Sahih Muslim: 5540)

Going to an 'arraf (e.g., a diviner, seer or fortune-teller) to seek knowledge of the unseen is clearly against the sunnah of the prophet; it can also be considered a form of shirk, since the 'arraf are claiming to know what God alone knows as He said:

6:59: And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him...

And as for anyone who claims to have knowledge of the future, God said:

31:34: ...And no soul perceives what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul perceives in what land it will die...

So it seems clear that anyone who goes to an astrologer for the purposes of knowing and predicting the future has strayed from the straight path.

That said, I know of nothing against using astrology for purposes other than discerning the unseen. For example, there are many astrologers who claim, through (pseudo-)scientific observations made over generations, that the positions of the stars may influence your personality or behaviour; rather than trying to know the unseen, which is God's alone to know, they are trying to explain observable phenomena using other observable phenomena.

Although I know of no strong evidences forbidding such practices, or following those who espouse them, it is still probably better to avoid them since astrology in general is so strongly correllated to fortune-telling.

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Thank you for your answer. I question your statement about using astrology for purposes other than discerning the unseen. If astrologers claim the positions of the stars may influence your personality and behavior, then by knowing what the position of the stars will be next week, they can predict how your personality and behavior will be next week. Is this not the same as fortune telling or discerning the unseen? Again, I mean no disrespect, I am just trying to learn.

(Jun 15 '12 at 13:29) cocolia42 cocolia42's gravatar image

@cocolia42, I liken it to weather forecasting: claiming that the sun is hot and that rain comes from rainclouds isn't the same as claiming that it will definitely be hot or rainy next week, when we can't even know that the sun will even rise tomorrow except that God wills it. That is why when speaking of any future events, we are to say "insha'allah" (if God wills).

(Jun 15 '12 at 14:46) goldPseudo ♦ goldPseudo's gravatar image

Dear brother astralogy has defined as humans find stars witch is not known to people and out their some people claims them slaves as astrologist but they have no idea of stars and the power of Allah. so that's the acts of people whom make money of people by saying I can tell you what will happen to you in coming month but its relay a guess they take and it could happens but its a guess. anyways astrology has nothing to do with unseen world. unseen world is the world of jinns and malaik its so much in to jinns and jinns are good and bad but the evil once us it as astrology. astrology can not be world of unseen because stars can be seen from bellions of KMs but what you can not see is jinns. In world of unseen everything has been in it so watch these things are not easy and Allah don't forgive majicians and the majic is real. I hope this help you. Allah give towfiq to you and me to go to right path.

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