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Assalam u alaikum Q: The act of masturbation is considered haram, however what's the prescribed punishment for it in hanafi fiqh? does it require ta'zir? or if a person repents and abandons it for good then is that enough? please answer, jazakAllah

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my answer to the firt question is allahu a3lam is may or may not have a specific puishment but we all know the punishment for every non-fogived sin is hell or punishment in the grave secondly there was a hadith that said allah will forgive the repentence of every muslim as long as its sincere one man questioned ans said even the adulterer? and the prophet said even that. so based on this hadith we know that allah forives all sins as long as you have sincerly repented and do not do it again so your repentence is enough although i cannot be the judge of wether allah accepted yours or not...... may allah guide you to the right path

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