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Salam to all father-in-law is very selfish.he treats everybody like he owns them,everybody gets scared to talk to him ,he does lot of injustice towards my husband was working abroad before our marriage,he used him when he was financially stable , three months after our marriage he asked us to leave the house as my husband was not able to sattisfy his needs.two years later v left the house and were staying in a rented house where as they(father,mother and anoter son ) in a two storeyed building.he takes the rent and spends it regardlessly ,goes to darghas all over india.v r very helpless as my husband's earnings go to the rent. i feel very bad n leave evrything to allah but i dont see any changes in my father-in-law.pls guide me n pray for our sabar.

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Wa Alaikum Assalaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaaatahuuuuu...Sister,May Almighty Allah give Sabr to you and your Husband.. Sister,Offer 2 Rakats of Hajat,and then Send Durood on our Beloved Prophet Muhammad {P.b.u.h},and then praise Almighty Allah {S.w.t} as much as u can,and then recite dua of Hajat,and then do dua what u want from Allah.. Insha-Allah,Allah will solve all the Problems..

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