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I don't know if this question is appropriate to ask but i really want to know if there is any such thing in Islam..I did not look very pretty on my wedding day.Although i usually look quite good, i did not look as good on my wedding as was expected.Usually people say that Allah blesses the bride with a divine glow naturally after Nikah, but in my case it wasn't that ways.This makes me feel very anxious and i get worried if at all this has something to do with the future of my marriage.My marriage was done with the consent of my parents and my husbands parents as well.Please explain to me the Islamic point of view about this matter.

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i belive this is just sort of self consciousness you probably did look good every girl knows her faults look for your posotive sides and especially since this was a big day for you you probably picked at everything that went wrong your husband seems fine allah blesses every marige that is done in the name of islam ive never heard of somone being "cursed" for being married every marrige is good as it prevents people from commiting adultery and sins it probably has nothing to do with your marrige being blessed or not its probably just a self concious issue im sure everyone else thought you looked gorgeous!

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hi dear Nesreen..thankyou for that answer.i think you are right,it is just self cociousness which actually increased more when recently my husband told me that i was not looking as good on the wedding day as i should have.i am a very sensitive person and take things to my heart.thats why probably i got anxious.but alhumdulilah i have faith in allah and i am sure he always decides the best for us.thanks for boosting my confidence.allah bless u.

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