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Assalam-o-Alikum In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Today i have a question about aalims in ISLAM. My friend is concerned he and his family are under a black magic effect.especially since they found a amulet( ta'weez ) with wrong things on it in their house. He was referred to an aalim who claims he can just find out if they are under a spell or not by reading certain surah's of the Holy QURAN and then measuring the shirts of the family members. He does not ask for any kind of money or any incentive he does it for free and he has also treated a friends father who was supposedly under the influence of a Jinn. So could u please advise if it would be correct to consult the aalim ?? ( i.e not haram or shirk ) Thank you. will be great full for any help.

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okay thank you all !

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I would not go to him.hes methods are not of a correct method. He is using jinns which is wrong and tgere is defo shirk involved to do something like this.

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Brother r u in the uk. Because I treat people with black magic etc

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here is Mujrab treatment of Black Magic Black Magic

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To know the possibility of jinn exists great aalims do that, n I have seen it, nothing wrong wit it.

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Wa alayka salam waramatullah wabarakat, Nothing bad in consulting a'lim but be vigilant with whom u will confide in..... May Almighty Allah guide us 2 the righteous path... Amin

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   Please do not be carried away with any kind of reasons by such kind of "a'lims" and do not ever give in. Pl keep away from such type, they are not a'lims but are tricksters and as a matter of fact they are evil. Black magic is a kabira sin. Get hold of some literature on the subject and you will be shocked to know the facts.
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 Waalaikumaslam warehmatuullah. A'lim who recommends reciting Quranic ayah is okay. Do not go beyond this, like giving him shirts. Those types who lay down such requirements should not even be given your names, or anyone's name.
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But he requires the shirts so he can blow some surahs on them and then check if the size changes ! (he first takes measurement) . he says if it changes then there is something going on if not then all is OK? so whats the verdict , should he go to the aalim or not?

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Salaam wa alaikum,

why can't he recite the Quran and measure the shirts himself? why can't he go on Ummra or something like that? it works.

(Jun 16 '12 at 19:54) Al Ummat ♦ Al%20Ummat's gravatar image
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