Is it permisseble to have oral sex with your own wife

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no it is not allowed in islam to have oral sex

Oral sex in islam

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as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

According to Dr. Ali Gomaa, the previous Grand Mufti of Egypt, it is permissible:

In Islam, the marital relationship between spouses is based on permissibility which is controlled by chastity and piety. Based on this, all forms of sexual pleasure are permissible provided there is mutual agreement between the spouses and there is nothing brings harm to either of them, except for anal sex and intercourse during menses and post natal bleeding.

You can read his ruling here.

It is not allowed to have oral sex with your wife , besides why would you want to lick the place where soemone urinates lick somewhere elese

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ok ok ok i have a question!!!!!!!!!!!! half of u r saying its ok the other half is saying its not! (((THATS WHEN THE MODERATORS R SUPPOSED TO STEP IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))

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but aren't there 4 moderators? what if they come in 2 for, 2 against? 1400 years and still trying to figure out what allah allows and forebids.

is it just me? doesn't anyone else find that odd?

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-_- anyways i still dont knwo if it is haram or not so...:) how r u mike :p

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