Hello i got a problem,,, i always wonder if its haram or halal to eat an animal i basically mean what type of animal is haram or halal is land animals haram? or halal? is Ocean animals haram? or halal? please help me may allah grant you insha allah answer my question please insha allah thank you thank you thank you

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ok thank you masha allah may allah reward you thank you

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Principally speaking, animals with hoofs are halal and animals with claws are haram. Birds feeding with claws are haram those feeding with with their beeks are halal(there might be some exceptions). Ocean life is halal( though some may be makrooh).
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what about land animals ? are most hala or haram ?

(Jun 17 '12 at 21:32) Iman Nabil Iman%20Nabil's gravatar image
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