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How can one protect himself from Jinn, if they can harm humans?

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Why none muslim dont feel, see (in an apparance)jinns?, I find that only in islamic world that exist this culture of fearing I think that is all psychological like christians who saw jesus and told with him, or like schizophrenic people who hear strange sounds everywhere...Me myself when I was muslim I used to fear badly and very hard jinns even if I play surat albakarah everyday at home and recite Ayat Alkurssi and the short sourate before I sleep, sometimes I dont even sleep because of that... Dont you think that this is due to our mind?

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@MadMe There are those who can see jinn,those who do not see them than it means Allah wills them not to. now is it due to the mind? Allah A'laam but there is a difference between Jinn and hallucinations.

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@MadMe, the reason I asked this question is because I have seen jinn. It is not psychological. And it is not only in Islam. Islam may be the only religion that calls them jinn, but certainly the demons and spirits that are spoken of by christians are the same thing. Most religions have "spirits" that they call by their own names.

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@cocolia42 What did you saw exactely???

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Jinn's can harm humans. Satan is a Jinn who's sole purpose of existence is to ensure that Mankind goes astray and falls into disfavor with Allah.

Protection is quite simple.

  1. Keep in the state of Wudhu
  2. Recite Quran regularly
  3. Pray Regularly
  4. Keep remembering Allah at all times

This creates a barrier so strong in you that Jinn's have a difficult time penetrating it.

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Sister,To Protect Yourself From Jinn,Try to Remain Always in the State of Wudhu.. Also,By Reciting The Ayat Al Kursi keep the Jinns away..Also,Surah Ikhlaas,Surah Kaafiroon,Surah falaq and Surah Naas keep the Jinns Away.

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please give the source for this, and do not write in capital letters.

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also dont forget Surah Al Jinn

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