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Can Jinn possess humans?

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Let's be clear on one thing. Jinn's cannot possess humans. What Jinn's can do is waswaas (whisper) to humans.

Satan who is a Jinn and the most powerful of Jinn's can only whisper thoughts into the mind of humans to lead them astray. Satan's followers (i.e. other Jinns or evil Jinns) do the same.

When people say a person is possessed by Jinns, it means that a Jinn has been constantly whispering to him, leading him astray and perhaps to madness or to do insane behavior.

The best defense against this is to be in a state of Wudhu at all times, and reciting Quran regularly as well as Prayers. Keep Allah in your heart and soul. This barrier is unbreakable by even the strongest of Jinn's and Satan himself!

May Allah guide us all to the right path.

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here are many videos which may prove it to you:

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