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Is it haraam to study in co-ed schools?

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Not Haram, but better to study in all boys or all girls schools to avoid adultery. Segregation of gender is a new thing based on extreme interpretation of Sharia.

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Brother Asim,

Praise be to Allah the most beneficial the most merciful. Praise be to us all that we follow the true Religion, Praise be to us all that this Religion is very forgiving and doesn't stand in our way to make life difficult.

You must be a bit more detailed about your questions and the circumstances.

Let's be clear on one thing. Up until the age of being Baligh (for both boys and girls) intermingling is fine. Once either sex is baligh, the normal rules of Islam apply. Hence co-ed is allowed providing the students have not reached the age of being Baligh.

That being said, your circumstances dictate a lot of things. If you are in Europe or North America where the norm is co-ed and you have no access or no money to send your child to an all boys or all girls school then there is no harm in sending your child to a co-ed school.

If you can send the child to a single sex school (after being Baligh) then please do so and reap the rewards that Allah will bless upon your family.

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 If there is no choice of separate schools, co-ed is not haram provided segregation of genders is maintained, ensuring proper dress code for female students, and the conduct - all in accordance with Sharia.
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