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Can i clean my self with soap before doing the ritual bath, or i do the janaba before cleaning my self with soap, which one can i do first because i usually do janaba when i want to bath. And how is juma'a bath done? Im i to just wash my self with soap or pour water all over my body or do janaba bath, or how?

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Salam, if you finished having ritual bath and you want to wash your body with soap, try not to touch your awra and if you touched it, you must do wudu again. And about Jum'aa bath, it would be better to be like ritual bath.. In Jum'aa bath, you should do wudu so that when you can pray. Any bath should be like janaba bath (there is wudu, washing all body ao awra and your hair).

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Salam alayk, my brother, u dnt need 2 wash ur body wit soap. U will wash off the discharged area, perform the ablution and then pour the remaining water all over ur body. 4 jum'at bath, do the same as janabah only the niyah (intention) that differs. Maa salam..... Allah Ahlam

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