What is the difference between Sunni and Shia?

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Salam, Sunni and shia are islamic sects that in puplic these two sects believe in the five pillars of Islam and basic beliefs but they have different opinions in many points. The prophet (pbuh) said that there would be 72 or 73 sect and one sect would be the right one and the people who follow this sect would go to heaven. May Allah make us from the right sect.

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The most important aspect of shia - sunni differences are based on the Rasool e Islam parting instructions '' Inni tarekum fi saqlain , kitab Allah wa itrati wa Ahlebayti '' I am leaving behind two very important thing the book of Allah meaning Qora'an and my Itrat / Ahlebayt/progeny . Those who will keep tamassuk with them will not go astray and shall meet me at the Kauser pond on the day of Judgement .This is an authentic and universally accepted hadees and can be found in the older original books of both sects .Khulafa e Salasa had another scheme . On the demise of the Rasool e Akram (saaws)they left him unburied , went to a place called Saqifa in which only a very few people participated and selected Abu Bakr as calif although only a little while back Rasool e Akram (s) had while coming from the Hajj. In , in the presence of over one Lakh people had declared His Cousin and Son in Law H. Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a)as his Successor while Abu Bakr, Umar Usman all were there and on the instructions of Nabi e Akram (s) had along with others (around 70)paid allegiance to Ali (a) In fact the 2nd Calif Umar was the 1st to come and congritulate him but turned over his allegiance to his senior Abu Bakr . Thus after a series of three such Khilafat the mantle came to the rightfull successor of the Rasool . During the rule of the three calif a lot of innovations were introduced in the deen though the deen was declared complete on the day of Ghadeer . As such two shoots of Islam came into prominence , One who follolwed Ali Ibne Abi Talib and his prgeny and the second who followed Abu Bakr,Umar and Usman as the rightful calif after which Moaviah took over and made his son from calif to king and the great tragedy of Karbala happened which killed most of the kins of Mohammad (s) save his great grand son Imam Zainul Aabedin (a). Shias believe another eight successors followed , the last ,the 12th Imam was then taken into occultation after successive martyrdoms of each one and shall reappear anytime and fill this world with total peace & tranquility

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