mera sawala ye hai k agr bivi apne maa baap k ghar rehne aati hai tou ous ka kharcha hasband ko nahi othana chye lpz mjy is ka answer dein.

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Translation: My question is that if a wife comes to the home of her parents to live, then the finances of her home dosent come to her husband? but i couldnt understand the last part sorry for that

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cant i edit, the Que or something like that,? like goldpseudo e.t.c edit other people`s Que for translation

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i belive only moderators can do so but a comment below will work just fine

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  Surah An-Nisah, ayah 34 declares man as in-charge of woman and one of the reasons stated there-in is that man spends his wealth on his wife. In other words, therefore, husband is appointed as the kafeel of his wife and this condition remains as his duty irrespective of where his wife resides. Once a girl is married she no more remains the responsibility of her father. In case of some financial difficulty of a man, the financial support of his family falls on his father for the reason that his children are his father's nasal. A hadith tells us that spending money on one's family is the best of sadaqah, which is a great reward from Allah for carrying out an obligation.
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