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I'm not a muslim, but if I became one can I still carry on being gay?

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being "gay" in islam is not forbidden... the act of homosexuality is. For example being a straight Muslim, I naturally have feelings towards the opposite gender. It is only a sin when i act unlawfully on these feelings. Feeling homosexual is no exception, If you have feelings towards the same gender then this may be Allah's way of testing you,and there is a higher chance of reward if you protect yourself from this sin. I hope this answers fully with some wisdom besides simply facts.

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Islam Is about peace love and respect. And whilst some would respect your decision islam is about a man and woman joining to spend life together and create and bring up their children as muslims

One question.. if the world was all gay then how would we reproduce. This shows it isnt normal human nature and therefore is not a way forward in islam

Hope this helps

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Being gay is absolutely forbidden in ISLAM.Islams main purpose is to know love & worship the one true god(ALLAH). He the Almighty has created things in pairs(X+Y). Being gay however is like joining two positively charged magnets together(it just wont happen). P.s life is formed with habits, and believe me when I say being gay is a BAD HABIT. I hope this helps, & may GOD almighty help & guide you to the TRUTH amen.

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Salam, being gay is forbidden in Islam

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being gay is forbidden !

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Assalamu alaykum, I do not believe this answer is as cut and dry as many people believe. I think it is highly subjective, depending on who you ask and what their opinions are based on to come to their conclusion.

There are many positions on this issue, not just the "majority." One thing I was taught as a child is that the right thing may not always be the popular thing. In my humble opinion, the "majority" does not have an opinion on this matter that I personally agree with. Perhaps you too could have a different idea of what Allah(swt) truly seeks from us. Ultimately it is each and every one of us who will have to answer for what we do. There will be no scholars or sheikhs or imams standing with us on our day of judgement, just each one of us, all alone to answer for how we treat one another. Subhanallah.

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Don't let this stop you from coming into Islam. You'll figure a way around it. Trust me.


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thanks for your replies people. Still a bit confused by it all but thanks for the feedback; there's so much about Islam that impresses me, but this one's going to be a tough one. Guess the Prophet and Allah are gonna have to help me.

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Thanks every1. So much about Islam that gets me going and I think it's going to be the only thing that's going to protects us against Darkness. Would luv to be part of it but this gay thing is gonna be a big hurdle. Been to Islamic countries (love em!) and the funny thing is underneath they didnt really seem all that bothered bout the gay thing but I do know that gay acts are forbidden by the Faith. Allah is going to have to help me out.

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