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Can I go to a Mosque and worship even if Im not a muslim?

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yes you may the mosque welcomes anyone who isnt entering to be of disrespect as long as you have come to learn about islam they will welcome you with open arms its just best to know the rules before you enter like men cover from navel to knee and anything else you perfer, dont shake hands with women because it becomes awkward for them they feel obliged to respond even though it prohibited for opposite genders to shake hands in our religion unless you guys are brother and sister, husband and wife,father and daughter, and uncle and neice, so it would be best not to pull out your hand in a gesture to shake hands. Also we take off our shoes before entering, when we pray we must be clean so perform wuudu (you should look this up) or somone in the mosque can help you. If you have had sexual intercourse you must perform ghusl( also needs some reserch) since im sure you have never performed it before. All people in islam perform it after sexual intercourse. After all this you are set and you are welcome at the local mosque.

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what would the rules for a woman be?

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it would be the same but switch dont shake hands with a women with dont shake hands with a man and women cover everything but hands and face but a women at the mosque can probably give the women somthing to wear in my local mosque there is always extra clothing

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i said all men perform ghusl but women do also i should change that also, they perform it after menenstrating

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Yes you can (respectedly) go to a musque and learn about Islam both non-muslin men and women are allowed all the rules nesreenA lise are also aplied to a lady but a lady must cover her body from head to feet except her face, hand and sometimes her feet. But a non-muslim cannot pray the 5 daily prayer or fast in the holy month because it not be accepted by the Exalted one except you become a muslim and prononce the Kalimat ash-Shahada (the declaration of faith). The shahada is d first among d 5 pillars of Islam, When you says it with u intended to be amoung the follower of d Prophet(peace and blessing of Allah be with Him) then u are a muslim and u can perform the other 4 pillars of islam which is after d shahada is the prayer-salat, fasting-sawm, welfare dues-zakat, pilgrimage-HAJJ. But a non muslim lady or man can walk to the Mosque to know more about Islam. But mind u u most to know much about islam b4 u reverting because. "ALLAH SAY, KNOW ME BEFORE YOU WORSHIP ME"

'BEHOLD, THE ONLY(TRUE) RELIGION IN THE SIGHT OF GOD IS (MAN'S) SELF-SUBMISSION TO HIM.' (QUR'AN 3;19) Islam is submition to Allah and a muslim is one who submit to Allah.

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Salam, Sure women can go to Mosque

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that is very nice of u,entrying the mosque for non muslims is good but there are some things u need to follow be4 that, islam is a peace religion to whoever that understand islam. when u get closer to the good people of islam and learn something small i tell man, u will say that something special was hidden for a longtime. I love u even though i did not know u and pray to the almight who give n takes live to show u the right way which we the people of islam believe is islam n the book of God words is the quran

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