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Pls i need a full note on mani(sperm) and sement whether they are najasa(impure) or pure. And can some one pray with a cloth that sperm is on. I hard somebody saying that sperm is pure and when its on ur cloth u can just rub it with a stick or spackle water on it not until u wash it, that it is valid to pray with it by just rubbing with stick or spackly water. Pls answer from a reliable source.

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Bro,Sperm is Pure..but when Sperm Comes out ,it is Wajib or Obligatory to Bath.

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Salam, human's sperm is pure according to ayesha(r.a.a)in Bukhari and Muslim that she rubbed sperm from the prophet's clothes then he pray in it‏(كانت السيده عائشه تحك المني من ثوب رسول الله ثم يصلي فيه‏)‏‎ sperm is pure but one must bathe whenever his sperm comes out..

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Sperm is mani because there is mazi and wadi that have another hukm.

(Jun 23 '12 at 18:37) lumisho ♦ lumisho's gravatar image
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