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what is khuju khusu?

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Brother,Actually the world is "Khushu-Khuzu".. It Simply means purity of inner sence.. Brother there are 10 Ways of increasing Khushu' in prayer: 1. Sincerity 2. Making wudhu properly 3. Praying according to the Sunnah 4. Praying in congregation and arriving early.. 5. Pray as if it is your last prayer 6. Clearing your heart and mind from the dunya and its issues 7. Understanding what you're reciting 8. Looking at the place of prostration 9. Know that the prayer is a private audience between you and Allah{S.w.t} in which you converse with Him directly 10. Asking Allah{S.w.t} to grant you khushu'..

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purity of inner sence

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