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I have a problem with regard to my relationship with another muslim friend. C has a lot of problems of her own and ask me for advice, and when i give her some advice from my heart, she becomes offended and start hating me; she turns around and go complaining to B about my shortcomings. B and I used to be very close, however, now she is totally changed and is acting very strange and cold toward me; C and B did not used to be close until now, and they are becoming very close and form an alliance against me. The both of them is now complaining to D about me. D is keeping a distance from me although keeping superficially pleasant; and I know that she is taking their side, and is not making any effort to defend me.

I feel very hurt, and want very badly to contact D for two things: 1) to clarify myself, and make it clear that I am not the way B and C describe 2) to ask D to give dawah to B (they have a close relationship)that it is haram to find fault in others and to speak ill of others.

My question is, if I approach D to clarify my side of the story, I will have to explain the whole thing from the beginning, which unavoidably some negative points might be included; will I risk committing Gheebat of B and C?

Please advice

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 It would be better if you restrict yourself to clarifying your own position only, if you think it matters. This would keep you clear of gheebat and may also raise you in respect. Doing otherwise may lead you to gheebat besides creating further problems. What kind of advice resulted in offending your friend, you did not mention. If it was about da'wa, as I gather, then you need to change your approach since da'wa demands hikmah.
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