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Further to my question below about being gay, I'm unsure about who makes the rules in Islam? The Catholic Chruch of which I'm currently a member has priests bishops and of course the Pope who decide moral teaching and their pronouncements are treated as law.

Who has the final say in Islam? or do you just read law books and listen to scholars and then all make up your own minds as individuals?

How do we use the Koran? Is it unshakeable Law? or is it to be treated as an opinion to be read and interpreted according to personal conscience?

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 The rules are contained in the Holy Book of the Muslims - The Quran and the instructions as to how those rules be implemented and followed are laid down in ahadith [the narration of all orders and practices of the Prophet, MUHAMMAD(Peace be upon him), the last of all Prophets] which exits with the Muslims for the last over fourteen hundred years. This carries the provision to make amendments with requirements of changed-times to certain actions demanding change but staying within the limits of Quranic injunctions and the spirit of ahadith. Such amendments could only be brought about by Ijmah (consensus of all reputed scholars of the Islamic world).
  Quran is the Book of Allah(God) and Allah has taken upon Himself to protect His Book till the Doomsday - this is stated in the Quran itself. Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) explained Quran to the people of his time verbally and practically and every word and act of his is written down explicitly till this day in the books of ahadith( of which six collections are accepted by all muslims as authentic), these books are the guide. To understand Quran and implement its injunctions, one has to read it's explanation done by the learned scholars.
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the quran is absouluty the final say if somthing says its haram there is no way around it its gods word and god created us we sumbit to whatever he says we also listen to what the prophet says because God said to in the quran the scholars in islam give their own opinion and interpertation of certain parts of the quran but most of the time its absoulutly clear what its commanding us to do, when it says dont steal it needs no interpertation, but other parts are more complex, but in conclusion somthing that says its prohibited we follow the quran because its god word its not the book thats in charge, its Allah the quran is literal not figurative unlike the bible.

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