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assalam brother, i have been enquiring about a question for some time now, and have not yet found an answer. i would me more than happy if you could possibly help me answer the question. i have been married for ten years and al hamdulla i love my wife dearly and we are always striving to be the best muslims we can.My wife is a hafiz, very beautiful mashalla, and has been to hajj three times. I pray to god every day for the blessing he has bestowed upon me in this life- my wife. so myquestion is, in paradise i have heard and read that each man will recieve two worldy wives and whatnot in paradise. now i know for a fact that in paradise gof grants you what ever you desire. wallahi i pray to be with my wife only in paradise every single night in my prayers, and my inner most desire is to be with my wife and no other, and ofcourse my family.this is what i strive for in this life, and i want to be granted jannah and enter only with my wife.since god grants our innermost desires, will he not grant my wish to enter paradise with my wife? walla i have not a single desire or interest in women, but my wife.and i understand most men refrain from desiring other women. but i say el hamdulla that women have not been my wordly weakness. god knows what each and every one of his creations desires, so will he not grant each person their desires accordingly? i cannot imagine god imposing something upon hgis believers if they do not desire it (additional wives). and i understand that in paradise there is no jealousy and so forth, but allah al aleem, i only pray to be with my wife day and night, to be with her. the idea of many wives in paradise does not appeal to me. i know that everything in paradise is beautiful but i have been working on perfecting my iman with my wife in hopes of being granted paradiseand that which i desire, so will god grant my dua inshallah? this question has been bothering greatly, and so i would greatly appreciate a reliable answer.

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Wa Alaikum Assalaaam. Bro,no body knows the life of hereafter.. But bro,i had heard many times that if man wants to live with his family,i.e Mother,wife,etc in Jannah/Paradise,then this wish will be Definitely be Accepted by Allah..Insha-Allah.. After this,Allah knows Best.. Wallah-u-Aalam.. Also bro,Do every thing you can to please Allah {S.w.t} and undo every thing you are doing that displeases Allah {S.w.t}..

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  You need to concentrate on your acts and deeds more than what you are presently worried about. Allah tells us to be obedient to Allah and be obedient to RasoolAllah(SAW). Our duty is therefore to follow Quran and sunnah to the best of our intention and ability and then leave the rest to Allah, for He alone knows what each one of us is destined for. RasooAllah said ' Even I do not know what will happen to me.'[or as he(SAW) said]. The best thing to do is to do your duty, have trust in Allah and leave the result to Him. Janati would wish for a thing and he would have it. A janati women would wish for her husband as a companion and she would have him.  
  Do every thing you can to please Allah and undo every thing you are doing that displeases Allah.
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