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Asalamu wa alaikum,

what are the requirements for a hadith to be Sahih?

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I disagree with the first answer. In the QUran Allah said to Muhammad (PUH) that there are Munafiqines among his entourage and Muhammad (PUH) as a prophete didn't know who they were but Allah knew. How can someone like Boukhari or Mouslim or others who collected Hadiths after 250 years since Hijra can pretend that this narrator or the other one is credible and honest. Impossible. The truth read Hadiths and use Quran as a reference. If any Hadith contradict the verses in Quran you must reject even if it is in Sahihe Mouslim or Boukhari. After all they are just Humans and mistakes could be made especially when all Hadiths have been narrated and not written. Just wonder why Hadiths have not been written during the first or second generation after Muhammad's (PUH) death? Because it was not authorized and Abu Bakr burned more than 1000 hadiths at his time. Wrong Hadiths that are just stories are behind the split today in Umma. We have today Shiaa and Sunna, we have Salafistes, Wahabistes etc etc...QUran is the only and must be the only reference. Unfortunately, they put Hadiths at the same level as the QUran and they are pretending that they are completing the Quran. Like if the QUran was not perfect and need to be completed.

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Salam, I will write it in Arabic الحديث الصحيح هو الذي اتصل سنده بنقل الراوي الموصوف بالعدالة و الضبط عن مثله من أول الحديث إلى منتهاه و كان خاليا من الشذوذ و العلل.‏ هذه هي شروطه.‏ والشرح:‏ اتصال سنده معناه أن يكون كل راوي قد أخذ عن شيخه و شيخه أخذ عن شيخه و هكذا إلى آخر الحديث فلم يتم حذف راوي من الرواه.‏ لعنى نقل الراوي الموصوف بالعدالة و الضبط:‏ المراد بالعداله أن يكون موثوقا في دينه بأن يكون الراوي مسلما بالغا عاقلا خالوا من أسباب الفسق.‏ المراد بالضبط أن يكون موثوقا به في روايته.‏ المراد من خاليا من الشذوذ و العلل بألا يخالف راوي الحديث الثقه من هو أوثق منه و أرجح بكأن يكون هناك راويان لحديث واحد و أحد الراويان موثوق فيه أكثر من الآخر فإن خالف الراوي الأقل ثقه الراوي الأكثر ثقه فهو شاذ.‏ المراد بالعله:‏ سبب خفي يقدح في الحديث الذي ظاهره السلامه ‏.‏ وهذه هي شروط الحديث الصحيح. Sorry because I wrote it in arabic. It was difficult for me to write it in English

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