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please tell me if islam allows us (both men and women) to visit holy shrines (mausoleums of holy saints or ones with tabrukaat of holy saints).Is it permissible to pray in these shrines and make dua to Allah through the reference of these pious saints.Please let me know the exact view point of Islam about this.Thank you.

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Sister,yes we can go to Holy Shrines and Also Can Pray there.. But there also we have to pray to Almighty Allah {S.w.t} not anybody else,not any pious saint.. Yet pious Saints also prayed to where-ever we go,we have to pray to Almighty Allah.. Now Remaining is to Make dua to Allah with the Reference of these pious Saints,i haven't Heard any Sahih-Hadith about This.. Hope the Answer of the Question..

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 RasoolAllah in his fatal illness said: 'Allah cursed the Jews and the christian because they took the graves of their prophets as places of worship (mosques)'- [Bokhari, 2:414]. Making the graves of saints as mosques is therefore forbidden. Visiting graves is permitted only for the purpose of remembering the Hereafter. Hence supplicating to Allah at the graves or shrines making the dead as intermediary between self and Allah is a sin and amounts to shirk. 
 Please recite to understand Surah Al-Bakarah, ayah 186; Surah Al-Momin, ayah 60; and Surah Al-Araf, ayah 55. Have faith and put your trust in Allah, Allah is closer to you than your jugular vein. He hears when you call Him in the depth of your heart humbly, and would accept your supplication in a way which is best for you.
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