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Assalamu alaikum Am a sunni muslim from Nigeria. i had an accident with my car in which a boy of about nine years hit my car and died after about four hours in the hospital. the father of boy had forgiven me. but a scholar told me that i have to fast for sixty days unbreak whic i have started three days after the accident. as at today i have fasted for fifty five days. Imam my problem is that on the fifty one's day that is last tuesday 26th june 2012 i saw a white fluid ( not semen but smilar) on my pant while discussing with a girl i am proposing for marriage. Imam my questions are as follows. 1. what should i do now, am i to contiue the fasting till i complete sixty days and repay the one that i noticed the white fluid. 2. or to stop the fasting and start all over again? May Allah reward you for this noble job amin. Ma'assalam

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