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Salam everybody, i have a question regarding the Holy Kaaba being defiled and partially destroyed during the time of 930 AD. It is said that during the hajj of 930 AD the Qarmatians rode in and killed hordes of the Muslims preforming pilgrimage there. Then they threw the bodies in the zamzam well. After that they removed the black stone and Abū-Tāhir Al-Jannābī the leader, desecrated on the stone showing it great disrespect. And it is said that it was only years later, 952 AD, the stone was taken back by the Abbasids. I am really confused by this part of history because i have never heard it before. I was wondering if anyone will be able to shine some light on this for me and help me understand it better, therefore my din will become stronger with knowledge. Inshallah i hope i will get an answer. Jazakallah-Khair

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