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Recently, after both physical and emotional outburts that have escalated over the years, My husband had a tantrum in front of others, rage would be more accurate. I grabbed our 3 kids And went to a neighboring city, signed in a hotel room. Because I was truely in fear for our safety. I let him know why I did it, vacinity of our whereabouts, that we were safe, and it ws for him 2 calm Before talking. Well it made it worse. His rage blew out of hand. He screameed that I MUST RETURN HOME TO MY BED OR HE SWEARS TO ALLAH AND ON HIS FATHERS GRAVE, THAT WE ARE DIVORCED. HE said it three times. He kept clearifying it also. I didn't return. When I did return, I came to a mutual Friends house. In all honesty, I want the divorce. I am sick of living in fear of his next tantrum or explosion. But please clearify the following. 1 I thought three times in one incident and insanely angry, didn't count but as MAYBE only one. 1. I thought that it also didn't count as I have menses 2. I thought that the divorce could not be out of threat or conditional. .also it has been brought to my attention that he prob rushed things because our 10th year aniversary is In 2 months and he can get out of supporting me although he spent years trying to make me depend on him 3. List item2.

3. 3. List item3.

2. 2. List item2.

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Oh and also I thought we were not suppose to swear on any grave or anything else

(Jul 01 '12 at 03:04) asmaa2012 asmaa2012's gravatar image
 Apparently, what you have said is correct on all three counts. But, it is a matter which can only be dealt with by an a'lim and you will find none on this forum. Recommend you to forward you query to
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Ok I will do that. And thx for answering! "

(Jul 01 '12 at 21:37) asmaa2012 asmaa2012's gravatar image
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