During fasting period when eating the sahul, when are mine suppose to stop eating, is it after calling the second Adnan or when the subh prayer has started.

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Fasting starts at dawn (about an hour and twenty minutes before sunrise) and lasts until sunset.

Allah (S.W.T) says: "...and eat and drink until the white thread (light) of dawn appears to you distinct from the black thread (darkness of night), then complete your Sawm (fast) till the nightfall." (2:187)

The Recommended Acts of the Fast

• Eating the Suhur meal, which is a breakfast (eating and drinking) eaten during the latter part of the night until dawn with the intention of fasting.

• Hastening to break the fast at sunset and breaking it by eating some dates or sipping water.

• Invoking Allah while fasting, especially when breaking the fast.

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you get when the magrib prayer goes on and then you can pray after you eat

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